Design Units

Unit 1 - Germany


Takuya Hotta (Japan)
CEO of Culture Generation Japan Co., ltd / T.C.I. Laboratory, LLC.

Takuya Hotta is a founder and CEO of Culture Genration Japan Co., ltd. MBA is Monaco University.
The company provides a business consulting for manufactures who wants their local products to global market. Funding, Business development, Brand development, assists them in each phases. CGJ has experienced many government projects and accomplished a great success to introduce Japanese brands to global, especialiy European market.

International Producer (Distributor)

Satomi & Lars Suzuki (Germany)
President of Sa-Su network

Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki operate SHU SHU Contemporary Japanese Design, a concept shop in Munchen specializing in Japanese designer products. They are also developing retail and wholesale operations in Europe.
They have been inaugurated as support advisors for Kyoto City international market cultivation business, Kyoto Contemporary, and are involved in the development of foreign-oriented products.

International Designers

Wolf Wagner (Germany)
managing director of Studio Wagner: Design

Wolf U. Wagner, 49 is owner and managing director of Studio Wagner: Design, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Studio Wagner: Design develops products for brands, assists companies in all stages of product development, cares for brands as creative full-service agency.
Wolf relies on the tradition of German design and his own methodology.
Studio Wagner: Design has been awarded more than 40 design awards.
Wolf is member of several award jurys. More information:

Wolf studied architecture and industrial design in Germany and the UK, is a guest lecturer at universities (architecture and product design). As Director of Industry and International Projects of the German Designer Club he is an ambassador of German design in the world.

The credo of Wolf Udo Wagner: "Life is creation!"

Ines Blume (Germany)
Managing Partner at GARDENERS

Founding and Managing Partner at GARDENERS,
cultivating ideas since 2000.
Director int. of the German Designer Club.
Credo: Good design contributes to the success of brands and products.

Axel Hildenbrant (Germany)
managing director of rutan studio

Axel is a founding partner of rutan studio for Design in Darmstadt, Germany. Along the lines of its credo „we like ideas“, rutan is offering interdisciplinary design solutions in the areas of graphics, IT applications, product design and architecture. Stepping off the beaten path, the studio is always one step ahead in technology and trends and continuously provides momentum for design.

Unit 2 - France


Isao Kitabayashi (Japan)
CEO of COS KYOTO Co.,Ltd. / T.C.I Laboratory / Doshisha Univ. Lecturer

His company provides business coordination for local cultural business, like craftsmen, manufacturing and other industries. He has coodinated exporting cultural materials and products to U.S., Asian market. His business concept of business is "Unite materials, techniques and people, and refine by Kyoto sense" and "Change to global cultural business from local traditinal industry". He will hold "Design Week Kyoto" in 21-28 Feb. 2016 to stimulate international collaboration and innovation. He was one of TEDxKyoto Directors until 2014. MBA.

International Producer (Distributor)

Anna Takino (France)
Representative of JAPAN ROOTS&TREND / EXA partners

Ms. Takino is engaged in translation business for Japanese/French media. She has been inaugurated as a tourism advisor for the Japanese National Tourist Organization, Paris Office. Since 2009, she has managed the Kyoto Europe-Japan Office and acts as a tourism representative for incoming visitors to the cities of Kyoto and Kanazawa. She is also responsible for coordinating Paris exhibits for Kyoto City international market cultivation business, Kyoto Contemporary.

International Designers

Arthur Leitner (France)
Managing Director of Studio Arthur Leitner

After obtaining his architecture degree, Arthur Leitner decided to focus on furniture and product design to be able to follow the creation process step by step, to the very beginning till it is completed. He wanted to get closer to the makers.

After working for the Studio Campana in Sao Paulo, he spent two years on the Louis Vuitton Nomade Objects collection development. Through both of these experiences, he was able to work with high-end craftsmen on iconic furniture pieces.

He is currently working as a design consultant for the Carpenters Workshop Gallery and as an independent designer for editors and craftsmen.

Saint Antoine (France)
Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker. Directors and designers of the studio.

Saint Antoine is a design studio dedicated to unique and limited edition pieces of furniture and lighting.
Saint Antoine works with architects and decorators to create products for their unique spaces. We develop the project with them and take care of the entire process: from concept to delivery. For that we have created a network of craftsmen, selected for the uniqueness of their know-how.
Saint Antoine also offers craftsmen and manufacturer to help them develop their business on very high-ended markets. Starting from a complete analysis of the workshop’s skills and tools, we design products that fit the requests of high-ended customers.

Elisabeth Vidal (France)

Elisabeth graduated at the Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel in Paris and received a Master’s Degree at Domus Academy in Milan in 1990. First teaching assistant, she started her designer profession in 1993 in Netherlands, with projects related to agriculture.
Back in Milan in 1994, she worked for Susani&Trimarchi and for Isao Hosoe Design, on projects related to office furniture, travelling interiors and tableware.
In 1998 she created her own studio in Milan, specialized in the design of objects and retail context, collaborating with companies from Italy and abroad. In 2012, she sets up her business in Montpellier, her native city, in southern France. Her work is characterized by the gentleness of form, the studies of gestures and their innovation, the rigor of detail.