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Contemporary Japanese Design 2015


Japan, Tradition and innovation.

Japan. The long passage of time has made for a unique history and culture here. Spring, summer, fall, winter, all transition distinctly; a culture of craftsmanship continuing for hundreds of years amongst this rich natural beauty.
Japan. Bleeding-edge technology is born here. Innovation in the industries of electronics, automobiles, and robotics make Japan a world leader.
In the Metropolis of Tokyo, it is unbelievably advanced. Be it from the automated features of the city; the latest fashions, creations, and technologies; or pop culture including manga, one one cannot help but be filled with excitement and surprise.
In the ancient capital of Kyoto, surrounded by an amazing atmosphere that makes palpable tradition and culture, one finds himself moved. Hospitality; the face of the city that changes with the seasons; the beauty of a traditional cityscape centered around temples and shrines; and traditional arts, entertainment, and spirituality are all born of a seemingly eternal history.

The coexistence of tradition and innovation is one of Japan’s unique points. It could be said that it forms Japan’s identity.

The Contemporary Japanese Design Project.
We want to merge Japanese tradition and innovation and make more global and exciting creations. The Contemporary Japanese Design Project (CJD-P) was begun with this concept in mind. We gathered 15 companies; manufacturers and craftsmen with excellent proprietary techniques from various places around Japan. We built a wide network of experienced advisors and distributors from France, Germany, and China. We married producers with six German and French designers, all overflowing with talent. Under the conceptual banner of “tradition is continuing innovation,” the CJD-P started in 2014 as an international project with the support of the Japanese government.
Japanese craftsmen and manufacturers and the international advisors and designers all met in Japan and shared a variety of experiences and emotions. In February of 2015, after a full year of hard effort, the crystallization of this creative work will be unveiled in the worlds largest trade fair, Frankfurt Ambiente. We will introduce beautifully innovative and functional products, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Please have a look at the creativity and sure skill of the CJD-P Team.

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CJD-P Exhibiton Info
CJD-P Exhibiton Info
最終成果報告会-the last stage-の開催について
最終成果報告会-the last stage-の開催について



Exhibitors Information

Designer: Heinrich Fiedeler

We are a company specializing in interior decoration. Makiko TAKAHASHI is the founder. The products are designed by Yasufumi TAKAHASHI. Because of their asymmetrical, smooth three-dimensional curves,”Sugatakatachi” wooden products are made by hand. Sugatakatachi collaborate with German designer Heinrich Fiedeler for create new elliptic drawer handles & door knobs collection.

Person in charge: Yasufumi Takahashi (Mr)
Address: 1365-1 Iwazo, Utsunomiya, Tochigi, 321-0973 Japan
TEL: +81-28-662-6934
FAX: +81-28-662-6934


Designer: Arthur Leitner

Daiko is a Sudare producer. The company prides itself on perpetuating this Japanese ancestral bamboo blind handcraft. Daiko prides itself on perpetuating this ancestral handcraft. With new found techniques and modern purpose, such as the Japanese Shinkansen windows, this company has revived this know-how. This Sudare Clock is composed of three overlapping layers. Each hand (hours, minutes and seconds) is made with a simple rectangular hole in the three different Sudare layers. The transparent quality of the Sudare allows the backlight to come through and creates a very graphic way to read the passing time.

Person in charge: Takaharu Kotera (Mr)
Address: 1736 Tanemachi, Higashi-Omi-shi, Shiga, 521-1212 Japan
TEL: +81-748-42-0205
FAX: +81-748-42-5781

Designer: Arthur Leitner

KUMAGAI was founded in 1935 in Kyoto, and is a wholesaler specializing in Kyoto earthenware. We dedicate every piece of ours to promoting Japanese traditional arts within Japan and throughout the world.The Tenmoku glaze technique was brought from China during the 12th and 13th centuries. It is beloved for its unique attractiveness. Time connects past with present and can never be stopped. The designer wanted to highlight the numerous steps made in the Tenmoku process. This collection of ceramic bowls has transformed this idea into a pottery product. Through the apparent layering process, consumers can feel the deeper meaning of time.

Person in charge: Takayoshi Kumagai (Mr)
Address: 9-5 Kawata Kiyomizuyakidanchi-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto, 607-8322 Japan
TEL: +81-75-501-8083
FAX: +81-75-501-5876

Designer: Arthur Leitner

For over 60 years our company has been the leading manufacturer of traditional hand-crafted “Masu” boxes in Ogaki, Japan. Little Foot Masu: The project is a furniture piece made for the Family. At first glance, you will consider it as a simple stool, but you will then notice its particular feet and finally understand its specificity when opening the top of the seat. Masu Steps: STACK with twisting like tower, SLIDE or FIT to each other...This is a special Masu box set you can adapt to various ways of life!

Person in charge: Wakiko Shimizu (Ms)
Address: 2-8 Nishitogawa, Ogaki city, Gifu, 503-0908 Japan
TEL: +81-584-78-5468
FAX: +81-584-78-7614


Designer: Studio Wagner : Design

Established 50 years ago, we are the number one can opener manufacturer and distributor in Japan. We specialize in the ideal cooking gear. Functional for various types of cooking. Designed beautifully in three dimensions. “Infinity” is our new design serving tools collaborated with Designer Wolf Wagner. “Infinity” bring you a new experience of serving moment of the food on your table.

Person in charge: Nobuo Takano (Mr)
Address: 313-1 Kanekoshinden-hei, Sanjo-city, Niigata, 955-0814 Japan
TEL: +81-256-33-0384
FAX: +81-256-35-2826


Designer: Arthur Leitner

ISUKE is a 180 years' old technique. We established "isuke" as a new Japanese "urushi", the natural lacquer brand, with the cooperation of designers. Totem is a project which aims to illustrate that wood carving and lacquering have their own place in the contemporary world. To do so, it plays on different design details such as the visibility of the wood grain and the thickness of the geometrical carved shapes. The stacking system, combined with the very straight lines and angles of the shapes turns Totem into a sculptural piece. More than a practical object, its decorations give it an aesthetic value.

Person in charge: Toshiyuki Okino (Mr)
Address: 344 Kashiwaya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto,
600-8066 Japan
TEL: +81-75-361-5281
FAX: +81-75-361-5285

Designer: Arthur Leitner

The earliest technique of silk braiding called “Kumiori”was born more than 1,000 years ago. Various types of cords for temple interiors and royal ornaments were created through it. With their very unique know-how, Omiya created many delicate kimono textiles, such as the Sanjiku. Giving it a modern twist for the Omicloud project, they decided to innovate and use their textile for a lamp. By doing so, they found a different and exciting new way to illustrate the great particularities of their silk and still portraying its history.

Person in charge: Yuki Kanamaru (Ms)
Address: 394 Oska-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8177 Japan
TEL: +81-75-341-4181
FAX: +81-75-341-4180


Designer: Emmanuel Thouan

New Tech Shinsei Inc. has been engaged with consignment production of personal computers and, machine processing of various materials since its establishment in 1980.  3 years ago, we invented a new method of processing hard wood with high preciseness by drawing fully upon the strength of techniques and knowledge cultured though the primary businesses.  Today, we create warm touch wood toys with unutilized wood from local mountains. MOKUTREE is a building toy motif.  Natural finishing without any paint or oil gives you warm touch and soft feeling.  Enjoy and let your imagination fulfill the room.

Person in charge: Rieko Miura (Ms)
Address: 3075-1 Hanazawa, Yonezawa, Yamagata, 992-0021 Japan
TEL: +81-238-21-3155
FAX: +81-238-21-3171


Designer: Arthur Leitner

We produce all glass with wonderful craftsmanship for over 80 years, we have been watching market trends as a wholesaler.  What do consumers demand in glass products?  What elements differentiate products that sell and don’t?  What is required in glass products that are admired by modern people? Making full use of our position as a wholesaler, we shall proceed to create a new world of glass products, striving alongside downtown Tokyo’s handmade glass factories, Edo Kiriko craftsmen, designers, and creators.We proudly present our new way to enjoy sake with beautiful katakuchi Japanese carafesand sakazuki cups

Person in charge: Seiichi Kimoto (Mr)
Address: 18-17 Kojima 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0056 Japan
TEL: +81-3-3851-9668
FAX: +81-3-3861-4712


Designer: Wiithaa

Our business is such as creating the mechanical parts and machining and special molded plastic products. TANKO is a block puzzle. By using the PlaRain the contents, it is soft and safe lightly unique plastic material. Maintenance is easy and clean.

Person in charge: Akihiro Muraki (Mr)
Address: 4810-1 Ohno, Tuchiyama-cho, Koka, Shiga, 528-0235 Japan
TEL: +81-748-67-8047
FAX: +81-748-67-8048


Designer: Studio Wagner : Design

“Kinuya” in Tokushima celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. The main product of Kinuya is kimono (traditional Japanese clothing). While utilizing traditional crafts’ dyeing techniques and designs, as well as ornaments and arts cultivated through kimono production, we propose products that enrich modern life. Ai-zome leather (Dyed with rare natural dye) is produced by immersing natural leather into the ai dyeing liquid many times with natural-plant-indigo-dye technique, and hand-dyeing one by one carefully.  The depth of color, variances, and clear color are expressed in the leather as features of Ai-zome, which is “JAPAN BLUE LEATHER.”

Person in charge: Akihiro Yamada (Mr)
Address: 35-1 Terashima Honcho Nishi 2-chome, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima, 770-0831 Japan
TEL: +81-88-622-1745
FAX: +81-88-622-0141

Designer: Studio Wagner : Design

KUROI is lighting specialist located in Kyoto, established in 1952. —JAPANESE PAPER LED VIDEO WOODWORK— The full color LED images appear on the screen made of traditional Japanese paper, washi.  We made the body of the illumination with natural wood, using the traditional woodcraft of Japan. The light coming through washi, expresses soft contrasts of light and shade.  You will love this beautiful and elegant craftwork in your office, in your shop, in your room… You could display your favorite video on the screen, using the PC.

Person in charge: Sami Yoshida (Ms)
Address: 79-1 Toyotachihara, Kyotamba-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto, 662-0231 Japan
TEL: +81-771-82-1184
FAX: +81-771-82-1388


Designer: Studio Wagner : Design

The founder's soul has been handed down for more than four centuries here in Takaoka City. Our classic trade name "KISEN" is filled with the pride of generations. ”Kisen" was reborn to imbue KISEN's tradition into modern lifestyles. It was founded to be with you in your happiest moments; as you gather, cook, dine, and relax. This product is a unique and stylish tea set that is made of a combination of wood and metal. The novel and yet stable proportions are achieved by use of heavy metal in the base. The mild touch and comfortable weight stimulates your senses beyond just taste.

Person in charge: Motomasa Yotsukawa (Mr)
Address: 6-5 Kanaya-machi, Takaoka, Toyama, 933‐0841 Japan
TEL: +81-766-30-8108
FAX: +81‐766-26-1063


Designer: Studio Wagner : Design + Ines Blume

Nakani was founded in 1966 as a dye-works, processing mainly tenugui (cotton handcloth) using a special dyeing technique called chusen. We expanded the business and in 2008 introduced a new factory-made brand, Nijiyura, These excittingly modern tenugui designs became popular and we opened 5 shops and distribute over 200 domestic retailers in 5 years. These are "tenugui" hand towels with a myriad of uses: wiping off sweat, decoration, interior goods, towels for sports or bathing, etc. This time we make the new frame for decoration which is designed by German designers.

Person in charge: Hiroki Nakao (Mr)
Address: 338-6 Kena-cho, Naka-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, Japan
TEL: +81-72-271-1294
FAX: +81-72-271-3587