Design Units

Unit 1 - France

International Producer (Distributor)

Anna Takino (France)

日仏間のメディアで取材や通訳業務に従事。JNTO パリ事務所の観光アドバイザー就任。2009 年より京都市欧州パリ事務所運営。京都市・金沢市の観光レップとしてインバウンド誘客業務に携わる。京都市海外販路開拓事業Kyoto Contemporary のパリ展示会事業コーディネートも担う。

International Designer

Arthur Leitner (France)
Designer / Consultant

スペインやフランスの大手建築事務所で家具やインテリアの設計を担当し、その後ルイヴィトンのデザイナーとしてプロダクトデザインを担当。現在はフリーのデザイナー、デザインコンサルタントとしてkreo Galerie 等の仕事に携わる。

Emmanuel Thouan (France)

“Dici supports the business and economic development of SMEs by working on the coherence of all their brand communication supports. Dici works for company about creation, differentiation or diversification in products or services. We can testify to this, since we are a small business ourselves. We are flexible, responsive and attentive to the requirements of company directors; we are fully aware of the issues and challenges facing SMEs and propose adapted solutions.”

Wiithaa (France)

Wiithaa is an ecodesign agency focused on circular economy and upcycling.

Wiithaa is the aboriginal name of a strange bird using every resources around him to build the most beautiful nest he can. He uses twigs as well as flowers, fruits and shells, but also packaging papers, straws and plastic caps! Just like this incredible bird, our raison d’être is to make the very notion of waste disappear. Looking at waste from a different perspective and everything that is wasted in general will open up new opportunities while giving back more sense to business. By involving the different stakeholders of the company, we enable you to co-create, test and launch virtuous products and services. Our methodology of innovation articulates around tools and techniques of creativity, co-creation, prototyping that help a strong holistic, collaborative and game-changing reflexion.

Unit 2 - Germany

International Producer (Distributor)

Satomi & Lars Suzuki (Germany)

日本のデザイン商品を専門に取り扱うコンセプトショップSHU SHU Contemporary Japanese Design をドイツ・ミュンヘンで経営し、欧州での小売・卸業務を展開する。京都市海外販路開拓事業Kyoto Contemporary サポートアドバイザー就任。海外向け商品開発にも携わる

International Designer

Wolf Wagner (Germany)

ドイツデザイナーズクラブ理事。ルフトハンザやVMF、fischer-moebel 等、ドイツを中心に世界的企業のプロダクト、インテリアデザインを担当する。日本企業MUJI のデザインも手がける。DDC のGlobal local project をコーディネートし、旭川の家具団体と独デザイナーのコラボレーション事業も展開。

Ines Blume (Germany)

Founding partner of GARDENERS, cultivating ideas since 2000. International Advisory Committee Member of the German Designer Club.


Heinrich Fiedeler (Germany)

Heinrich Fiedeler, Dipl. Designer, owner of Heinrich Fiedeler Industrial Design: Product-, Exhibition-, Interior Design. His Credo: good Design is a matter of consequence